Tuesday, June 9, 2009


I am the other woman.  I have been the other woman numerous times.  I have been the emotional affair, I have been the fuck buddy, I have been the cyber-sex friend, and I have been the one that he leaves you for.

Am I proud of these facts.... no.  But they are what they are, and I have learned a great deal about myself, my relationships, men and women and now maybe I can share what I've learned with others.

This blog is a place for "others"... other men... other woman.  I'll have a friend of mine who will contribute from time to time to give us the male perspective.  He's been the other man, and he's had the other woman.  What you can learn from him will amaze you.

This blog is also a place for the not others to hopefully learn a little bit about how to ward off the others.  How to maybe even make your relationship "other proof"... I think you'll be surprised about what you learn.

2 years ago this spring I started my journey as "the Other Woman."  It began innocently enough.  My child was sick, and my husband (now ex) was in bed, fast asleep, letting me once again take on all the parenting duties.  I was awake... and bored... and mad.  Our marriage was dead by then.  But more about that another time.

I was online looking for deals on Craigslist when I noticed the "personals" boards.  I started looking through them... the WSM (women seeking men) and the MSW and the MSM and the WSMW.... and then there was the platonic board.  For whatever reason I decided to post something.  I believe my ad said something along the lines of "I'm up late with a sick kid.  Looking for someone to make me laugh... or someone who I can make laugh."  That was it.  I hadn't laughed in such a long time.  Nor had I made anyone laugh.  And I felt empty and hallow.

I posted my ad and within moments, I started getting replies.

And so it began.